Uncovering the History and Growth of the Cape Cod Gateway Airport in Hyannis, MA

The Cape Cod Gateway Airport, located in Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA, is a small regional airport that serves the Greater Hyannis area and Cape Cod. The airport was founded in 1932, and its original name was Hyannis Flying Field. The name was chosen to reflect the location of the airport in Hyannis, as well as to honor the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, who had recently landed at the nearby Barnstable Municipal Airport.

Uncovering the History and Growth of the Cape Cod Gateway Airport in Hyannis, MA

The airport was originally a grass airstrip, but in the 1950s it was expanded to include a paved runway and hangars. The airport's original single runway was lengthened in the 1950s to accommodate larger aircraft, and the terminal building was constructed in the 1960s.

The airport has been under the ownership of the Town of Barnstable since its inception, and in the 1990s the Town decided to rename the airport the Cape Cod Gateway Airport in order to better reflect its proximity to Cape Cod, as well as its growing importance as a regional hub.

The airport's three-letter code, HYA, was chosen as a reflection of its location in Hyannis. The 'HY' is an abbreviation of Hyannis, while the 'A' is the first letter of the word 'Airport'.

Today, the Cape Cod Gateway Airport is served by several major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines. The airport has an average of seven flights per day, with the majority of flights heading to larger airports such as Boston Logan International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

The airport is currently undergoing an expansion project, which includes the construction of a new terminal building and parking lot. The expansion will also increase the airport's capacity to handle larger aircraft, and will make it easier for travelers to access the airport.

The Cape Cod Gateway Airport is a vital link to the Greater Hyannis area and Cape Cod, and its growth over the past several decades has helped to boost the local economy. With its continued growth and expansion, the airport is sure to remain an important part of the community for years to come.