Discover the Fascinating History of Fribourg-Ecuvillens Airport in Switzerland

Fribourg-Ecuvillens Airport, located in Fribourg, Switzerland, is the second-largest airport in the canton of Fribourg and the third-largest in the country. It was founded in 1926 by the Fribourg Aero Club and is located in the small village of Ecuvillens, just south of Fribourg. The airport is owned and operated by the canton of Fribourg and is a popular destination for leisure and business travelers.

The airport is named after its home village of Ecuvillens and is sometimes referred to by its historic name, the Fribourg-Ecuvillens Airport. This name was chosen to honor the village and its long history of aviation. The village itself was founded in 1718 and has been home to several aviation-related activities. In the 19th century, it was home to an aeronautical school and during World War II, it was the site of a military airfield.

The airport code, QYE, was determined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The code is derived from the first three letters of the airport's name, "FRI", followed by the last three letters of the village's name, "VILL".

The airport has an average of five flights per day, with a variety of airlines servicing the airport, including EasyJet, Helvetic Airways, and Swiss International Air Lines. The airport is also a popular destination for private and charter flights, as well as for sightseeing flights over the canton of Fribourg and the nearby Alps.

Fribourg-Ecuvillens Airport has played an important role in the history of aviation in the canton of Fribourg and, indeed, in the history of Switzerland. It serves as a reminder of the importance of aviation to Fribourg and of the village of Ecuvillens and its long history of aviation.