Uncovering the 50-Year History of Kenn Borek Air: The Pioneering International Airline

Kenn Borek Air has been in operation for over fifty years, making it one of the oldest airlines in the world. Founded in 1970 in Alberta, Canada, it has grown from a small family-run operation to a major international airline.

Uncovering the 50-Year History of Kenn Borek Air: The Pioneering International Airline

Kenn Borek Air began when its founders, Kenneth and Mary Borek, purchased their first plane, a single-engine Cessna 180. The couple used the plane to transport passengers and freight to remote locations in Northern Alberta.

Over the years, the Boreks expanded their fleet and began offering more services. In 1988, the company purchased two Twin Otters and began offering scheduled flights to remote northern locations. In 1997, Kenn Borek Air began offering international charters and was soon operating flights to Greenland, Antarctica, and other remote locations.

Today, Kenn Borek Air operates a fleet of over thirty aircraft, including two BAe 146s, two Dash 8s, one DC-3, and various other small aircraft. The airline is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, and operates flights to over twenty countries around the world.

Kenn Borek Air has experienced several important milestones throughout its fifty-year history. In 1989, the airline provided its first relief flight, transporting medical supplies to a remote village in Northwest Territories. In 1998, the airline was awarded a contract to provide air ambulance services to northern communities in Canada. In 2004, Kenn Borek Air was the first carrier to receive an Air Operator Certificate from the Canadian Transportation Agency. In 2009, the airline was chosen to provide scheduled service to remote locations in Nunavut.

Kenn Borek Air has also had its share of incidents. In 1976, one of their aircraft was involved in a fatal crash in Northern Alberta, killing one passenger and injuring the crew. In 2005, the airline was the subject of a federal investigation following an incident in which a Kenn Borek Air pilot was accused of violating Canadian aviation regulations. The investigation was ultimately closed without any criminal charges being laid.

Kenn Borek Air has come a long way since its inception in 1970. The airline has experienced both successes and failures, but its commitment to providing quality service and safety has remained constant throughout its history. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Boreks, who continue to be involved in the management of the company.