Uncovering the Story of Atlas Global: A Turkish Airline Based in Istanbul

Atlas Global is a Turkish airline based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2001 as Atlasjet, the airline has grown to serve over 60 destinations in over 20 countries. It is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Association of European Airlines (AEA).

The airline was founded by a group of Turkish businessmen who wanted to offer international flights to the Turkish market. The airline began operations in April 2001 with a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft. In 2003, it became the first Turkish airline to offer online booking facilities.

Atlas Global has seen steady growth since its founding, with the addition of new aircraft and destinations. In 2004, it introduced its first Airbus A321 aircraft, and in 2005 the airline added its first international destination to its network, flying to Moscow.

In 2006, the airline adopted its current name, Atlas Global. This was accompanied by a new corporate identity and branding. In the same year, the airline added its first long-haul destination to its network, flying to Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2007, Atlas Global announced a partnership with American Airlines, allowing customers to book flights with either airline and earn miles in both programs. The following year, the airline added its first Boeing 767-300 aircraft to its fleet.

In 2009, Atlas Global was awarded the title of “Best Regional Airline” at the Skytrax World Airline Awards ceremony. In 2010, the airline introduced a new business class product, which featured an upgraded cabin interior, in-flight entertainment, and a full meal service.

Atlas Global has had a few incidents over the years, including an air crash in 2009, when an Atlas Global Boeing 737-400 crashed in Isparta, Turkey. All 57 passengers and crew on board were killed. An investigation revealed that the cause of the crash was a technical malfunction.

The airline also faced federal investigations in 2015, when it was accused of operating illegal charter flights. The allegations were denied by the airline, and the investigation was dropped.

Today, Atlas Global operates a fleet of over 30 aircraft, including Airbus A321, Boeing 737, and Boeing 767-300 aircraft. The airline has grown to serve over 60 destinations in over 20 countries, offering both domestic and international flights. It is a member of the IATA and AEA, and has been recognized for its commitment to safety and customer service.