Uncovering the History of Pegasus Air: A Small Regional Airline with Big Achievements

Pegasus Air is a small regional airline based in the United States that has been operating since the mid-1980s. Founded by two aerospace engineers in Los Angeles, California, Pegasus Air has grown from a small charter service to a major regional airline with operations in many states.

The Airline began its operations in 1984 as a charter service operator utilizing a fleet of Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft. The airline's first flight was to Las Vegas, and it quickly grew its operations to become one of the largest charter services in the region. In 1989, Pegasus Air began scheduled service to several cities in California and Nevada.

By the mid-1990s, Pegasus Air had grown to become a major regional airline with a fleet of more than a dozen aircraft and service to more than 30 cities. The airline had also upgraded its fleet to include larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80. During this time, Pegasus Air had become one of the largest carriers in the region, providing scheduled service to passengers and freight shipments.

The airline continued to expand its operations throughout the 2000s, adding additional destinations in the western United States and establishing a hub in Las Vegas. In 2004, Pegasus Air was acquired by Mesa Air Group and became a subsidiary of the airline. By 2007, the airline had grown to become one of the largest regional airlines in the United States with a fleet of more than 50 aircraft and service to more than 60 destinations.

Throughout its history, Pegasus Air has had several notable milestones and achievements. In 1994, the airline became the first regional carrier to operate an all-jet fleet. In 1998, the airline flew its one millionth passenger. In 2004, the airline was named “Airline of the Year” by the Regional Airline Association.

Unfortunately, Pegasus Air has also been involved in several incidents and federal investigations throughout its history. In 1996, one of its aircraft crashed near Las Vegas, killing all seven people onboard. In 1997, the airline was investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration for alleged safety violations. In 2012, the airline was fined by the FAA for operating flights without proper maintenance records.

Despite these incidents, Pegasus Air has remained a major regional airline in the United States. The airline continues to grow and expand its operations, offering scheduled service to passengers and freight shipments. The airline has also been a major employer in the region, providing jobs to more than 1,000 people. As Pegasus Air looks to the future, it continues to focus on providing reliable and safe air transportation to its customers.