Discover the Evolution of Xpress Airlines: From Small Regional Carrier to Major Airline

The airline Xpress was founded in 2005 by a group of entrepreneurs with a vision to build an airline that offers low fares and dependable service. The airline originally operated out of the Charleston International Airport in South Carolina and offered flights to nearly a dozen cities in the southeastern US. Over the years, Xpress has grown to become one of the largest regional airlines in the US, with a fleet of more than 40 aircraft and service to more than 70 cities across the country.

Xpress began its journey by operating a fleet of Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. The Dash 8s were used for short-haul flights, allowing Xpress to offer its customers low fares and efficient service. Over the years, Xpress has expanded its fleet to include other types of aircraft such as the Embraer ERJ-145, Bombardier CRJ-700, and Boeing 737-800.

In 2007, Xpress launched its first international route from Charleston to Toronto, Canada. This marked an important milestone for the airline, as it was the first time Xpress had ventured outside of the United States. Since then, Xpress has launched several international routes to destinations in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

In 2010, Xpress announced its merger with SkyWest Airlines. This merger was an important milestone for Xpress, as it allowed the airline to expand its operations and leverage SkyWest’s larger fleet and route network. As part of the merger, Xpress began to operate larger regional jets such as the CRJ-900 and Embraer 175.

In 2011, Xpress launched its first interline agreement with a major US carrier, United Airlines. This agreement allowed Xpress to offer its customers the ability to book flights on both airlines, as well as offer seamless connections to United’s global network.

In 2012, Xpress acquired Midwest Airlines. This acquisition allowed Xpress to expand its network to include more than 70 cities in the US, including some in the Midwest and West Coast. The acquisition also gave Xpress the ability to operate larger aircraft, such as the Boeing 717, in its fleet.

Unfortunately, Xpress has had to weather some difficult times as well. In 2013, an Xpress flight from Charleston to Atlanta experienced a crash landing due to a malfunctioning landing gear. The incident resulted in minor injuries to several passengers, but no fatalities. Xpress was also the subject of a federal investigation in 2014 after one of its pilots was accused of flying while impaired. The investigation was eventually closed without any charges being filed against the airline.

Throughout its history, Xpress has continually strived to provide its customers with low fares, dependable service, and a wide network of destinations. The airline has grown from a small regional carrier to one of the largest regional airlines in the US and has established a reputation for providing reliable and safe service. While Xpress has faced some difficult times in the past, it has remained committed to its mission of providing its customers with an exceptional travel experience.