Avro RJ85: A Reliable Aircraft

Avro RJ85: A Reliable Aircraft

The Avro RJ85 is a four-engine commercial jet aircraft built by British aerospace firm Avro. The RJ85 was an upgraded version of the Avro RJ70, which was Avro’s first commercial jet. The RJ85 was designed to be a larger, more powerful aircraft than its predecessor, with a capacity of up to 86 passengers.

When Avro developed the RJ85, it was aiming to offer a larger aircraft that could compete with other similar sized jets being developed by its competitors. The RJ85 offered a larger capacity than any of the other aircraft being developed at that time, and as a result, it proved to be a popular choice amongst airlines. The aircraft was also well-suited to short-haul routes, and as a result, it was adopted by many airlines for regional flights.

Avro also sought to improve the safety of the RJ85. As a result, the aircraft was equipped with a number of features that improved its safety record. These included a strengthened fuselage, improved fire suppression systems, and additional fuel tanks. The aircraft’s engines were also upgraded to more reliable models.

Despite these safety improvements, the RJ85 has still experienced some issues over time. One of these issues is a tendency for engines to shut down in mid-flight. This problem was experienced by a number of airlines in the early 2000s, and as a result, a number of safety upgrades were implemented to reduce the risk of engine shutdowns.

The RJ85 is still widely used today, and it is a common sight at many airports around the world. While not as widely used as some of its competitors, the RJ85 is still a popular choice for regional flights, and it remains a reliable and cost-effective aircraft.

Overall, the Avro RJ85 has been a reliable and cost-effective aircraft since its introduction. While it has experienced some safety issues over time, these have been addressed and the aircraft remains a popular choice amongst airlines. The RJ85 is a common sight at many airports around the world, and it continues to serve as a reliable and cost-effective option for regional flights.