Discover the Reliable and Safe Trans Air Benin: Flight Services, Prices, and What Needs Improvement

Trans Air Benin is a privately owned airline that has been operating in Benin since 2008. The company provides domestic and international flights to various cities in Benin and to many destinations in Africa and Europe. Trans Air Benin has a fleet of three aircrafts, two Embraer jets and one Fokker jet, which have a total capacity of up to 140 passengers.

Overall, Trans Air Benin has a strong track record of providing reliable and safe flights to its customers. The company has consistently maintained a good safety record and has been accredited with the International Air Transport Association’s Operational Safety Audit. The airline also has a well-trained, experienced, and friendly staff that is dedicated to providing top-notch service to its customers.

In terms of services, Trans Air Benin has a wide variety of options for its customers. The airline offers economy, business, and first class seating options. Its aircrafts are also equipped with modern amenities such as in-flight entertainment, snacks, and drinks. The airline also provides online booking services, which makes it easier for customers to book their tickets.

Trans Air Benin also offers competitive prices for its flights, which makes it an attractive option for travelers. The airline also offers special discounts and promotions, which makes it even more affordable.

However, there is still much room for improvement for Trans Air Benin. The airline’s website is outdated and is not user-friendly. The website also lacks information on the airline’s services and destinations, which can be confusing for customers. Additionally, the airline’s customer service is not as responsive as it could be, and there have been reports of long wait times for customer inquiries.

Trans Air Benin also needs to improve its aircrafts’ on-board amenities. While the airline does offer in-flight entertainment, snacks, and drinks, the selection of these items is rather limited. Furthermore, the quality of the food and drinks served on board could be improved.

Finally, Trans Air Benin needs to expand its network of destinations. While the airline currently serves many destinations in Africa and Europe, it does not offer flights to any other countries outside of these regions. This limits the airline’s reach and prevents it from tapping into potential new markets.

Overall, Trans Air Benin is a reliable and safe airline that offers competitive prices and a wide variety of services. However, the airline still needs to make some improvements in order to better serve its customers. These improvements include updating its website, improving its customer service, expanding its network of destinations, and upgrading its aircrafts’ on-board amenities. If Trans Air Benin can make these changes, it will be able to better compete with other airlines in the region and improve its overall customer experience.