Uncovering the Century-Long Heritage of Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport (GWS)

Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport (GWS), located in the heart of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA, is a small but busy airport. It serves the surrounding area with both general aviation and commercial flights. Founded in the early 1920s, the airport has been a fixture in the community for nearly a century.

The airport was initially called the Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport and was created to serve the needs of local ranchers and farmers. The first runway was an unpaved grass strip, which soon gave way to a larger and more permanent asphalt runway in the late 1930s. Later, the airport’s name was changed to the Glenwood Springs-Garfield County Airport in the 1940s. This change was made to recognize the contributions of the Garfield County government in helping to establish and maintain the airport.

The airport’s code, GWS, was determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which assigns codes to airports around the world. It is derived from the airport’s name and location.

Currently, the Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport serves up to twenty flights a day on a variety of airlines, including United, Delta, and American. It also offers charter flights and general aviation services.

The Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport is a vital asset to the community, providing convenient air travel to the area. It’s also a great place to take in the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and take in the fresh mountain air. It’s no wonder that this airport has been a part of the Glenwood Springs community for so long.