Discover the History and Services of Pinal Airpark, Marana, Arizona USA

Pinal Airpark, located in Marana, Arizona, USA, is a public-use airport owned and operated by the Town of Marana. It is situated in the Pinal County, just north of Tucson. The airport was built in 1959, initially as a military airfield. During the Vietnam War, the Air Force used it as a base for training pilots and supplying troops in South East Asia.

Discover the History and Services of Pinal Airpark, Marana, Arizona USA

The airport was named after Captain Richard Pinal, a decorated World War II pilot. He was a native of Arizona and had served with distinction in the U.S. Army Air Corps. After the war, he moved to Tucson and opened a business, Pinal Airpark, which eventually grew to become the airport we know today.

The airport's three-letter code, MZJ, is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) code for Pinal Airpark. It is derived from the first two letters of the airport name (Pi) and the last letter of the county name (L).

Pinal Airpark has a single runway, 4,399 feet long, and offers services for both private and commercial flights. It has a flight school that trains pilots, as well as general aviation services. The airport is served by several major airlines, including American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. The airport has a daily average of about five to ten arrivals and departures, depending on the season.

Pinal Airpark is an important regional airport, providing easy access to Tucson and other nearby cities. It has become a popular destination for business travelers and recreational flyers alike. The airport is also home to several businesses, including flight schools and air charter services.

Overall, the history of Pinal Airpark is one of success and growth. The airport has become an important hub for air travel and business in the region, and its name pays tribute to a local hero, Captain Richard Pinal. As the airport continues to expand and add more services, its importance to the region will only grow.