Discover the History and Legacy of Richmond Airport: The Oldest Continually Operating Airport in the US

Richmond Airport is located in Richmond, Virginia and is the oldest continually operating airport in the United States. It first opened in 1927, and was initially known as the Byrd Airport, named after Harry Flood Byrd, the Governor of Virginia at the time. The airport was originally built to provide a convenient landing site for the Byrd family’s private airplanes.

The airport has had several name changes over the years, including being named the Richmond Municipal Airport in 1942, and then the Richmond International Airport in 1984. However, it has been known as the Richmond Airport since 2006, when it was officially renamed to reflect its status as a regional hub for aviation.

The airport’s three-letter code, RIC, is derived from the name of the city it serves: Richmond. The code is used by airlines and other aviation organizations to refer to the airport in a standard way.

Richmond Airport currently has over 200 daily flights and is served by several major airlines, including American, Delta, United, and Southwest. The airport is also used by several regional airlines, including Allegiant, Envoy Air, and SkyWest.

The airport has grown significantly since its opening, and now serves as an important economic hub for the region. It is estimated that the airport contributes over $2 billion annually to the local economy, and provides over 19,000 jobs to the area.

In addition to its role as a commercial airport, Richmond Airport also serves as an important training center for the United States military. The airport is home to several military operations, including the Navy's Fleet Readiness Center East and the Marine Corps' Marine Aviation Training Support Group.

Richmond Airport is also home to several large corporate tenants, including Dominion Energy and Capital One. In addition, the airport is a major hub for cargo operations, serving many of the nation’s largest shipping companies.

The airport is a vital part of the region’s transportation network, and its importance is expected to continue to grow in the future. With its convenient location, modern facilities, and strong transportation links, Richmond Airport is well-positioned to remain an essential part of the region’s economy for years to come.