Discover the Gateway to Austria: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport (SZG) in Salzburg

Salzburg Airport, also known as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport (SZG), is located in Salzburg, Austria. It is the second largest airport in Austria, after Vienna International Airport. The airport was established in 1966 and is named after the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in Salzburg.

Discover the Gateway to Austria: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport (SZG) in Salzburg

The airport code SZG was originally derived from the name Salzburg Airport. However, in 1978 the airport was officially renamed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport, in honor of the famous composer who was born in Salzburg. The airport code was then changed to reflect the name of the airport, with the letter “S” being used for Salzburg and the letters “ZG” being used for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Salzburg Airport is a major hub for European and international airlines and serves as a gateway to Salzburg and Austria. It is the home base for Austrian Airlines and serves as a hub for other international airlines such as Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, KLM, and Swiss International Airlines. The airport is served by more than 50 international and domestic airlines, including low-cost carriers such as easyJet, Ryanair, and Wizz Air.

Discover the Gateway to Austria: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport (SZG) in Salzburg

The airport is served by more than 200 flights a day, including regular scheduled flights to major European and international cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich, Istanbul, Prague, and Madrid. It also offers seasonal and charter flights to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Middle East. Additionally, Salzburg Airport also serves as a gateway for tourists to the ski resorts and other popular attractions in the Salzburg region.

The airport has two terminals, with the main terminal located in the center of the airport, and the second terminal located at the far end of the airport. The airport offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and services, along with modern facilities such as a banking service, currency exchange, and a VIP lounge. The airport also offers car rental services, as well as bus and taxi services to the city center.

In addition to regular scheduled and charter flights, Salzburg Airport also serves as a base for private and corporate aircraft. There is a private terminal located on the airport’s premises, which offers a range of services for private and business travelers.

Salzburg Airport is also home to several private charter and helicopter companies, which offer charter flights to domestic and international destinations. The airport also offers a wide range of ground transportation services, such as shuttle buses and limousines, as well as a car rental service.