70 Years of Reliable Air Travel: A Look at Aerodavinci Airlines

Aerodavinci is an Italian airline founded in 1947 and based in Milan. The airline is one of the oldest in the world and is part of a larger group of companies that includes charter, cargo, and helicopter services. It is well known for its commitment to safety and its long history of providing reliable air travel.

Aerodavinci started out as a charter airline based in Rome and was initially called Air Avio. It was founded by a group of Italian investors and was the first Italian airline to offer international flights. In the 1950s, Air Avio acquired its first jet aircraft, a Lockheed Constellation. This was followed by a series of other jet aircraft, including the Boeing 707 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

The company changed its name to Aerodavinci in 1962 and began to offer regular scheduled flights. It quickly grew to become one of the largest airlines in the country and began to expand its routes to other parts of Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

In the 1970s, Aerodavinci began to acquire a number of smaller airlines and soon became the second-largest airline in Italy. It also bought a stake in the now-defunct Alitalia and began to expand its fleet to include more modern aircraft such as the Boeing 747.

The 1980s saw Aerodavinci continue to grow and expand its service to include more destinations in Europe and the Middle East. The airline also began to operate charter flights to destinations in the Caribbean and South America.

In the 1990s, Aerodavinci was involved in a number of incidents, including an air crash in 1992 and a federal investigation into its finances in 1997. Despite these setbacks, the airline continued to expand its fleet and routes and by the turn of the millennium, it was the largest airline in Italy.

Aerodavinci continued to expand its routes and fleet throughout the 2000s, eventually becoming the third-largest airline in Europe. In 2004, it was the first Italian airline to offer direct flights from Milan to New York City.

In 2008, Aerodavinci merged with two other Italian airlines to form Alitalia, the largest airline in Italy. This merger allowed Aerodavinci to expand its international routes and become a more competitive player in the global aviation market.

In 2018, Aerodavinci celebrated its 70th anniversary and marked the milestone with a new livery and a special flight from Milan to Rome. Today, the airline operates a fleet of more than 50 aircraft and offers flights to more than 200 destinations in over 70 countries.

Aerodavinci has a long history of providing reliable air travel and is one of the most respected airlines in the world. Its commitment to safety, service, and innovation has enabled it to remain a major international player in the aviation industry.