Discovering Great Harbour Cay Airport: The Gateway to the Bahamas

Great Harbour Cay Airport (GHC) is located in Great Harbour Cay, one of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas. The airport is a small one, with only two flights daily. It serves the local community and the many tourists who visit the island.

The airport was originally established in the 1940s as a landing strip for private aircraft. This was done to give local residents easier access to the island. It was not until the 1960s that the airport began to be developed as a commercial airport. During this time, a terminal and control tower were built, and the airport was given the name Great Harbour Cay Airport.

The airport code, GHC, was determined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This organization assigns three-letter codes to airports around the world. In the case of Great Harbour Cay, the code is based on the first three letters of the airport's name and the two-letter code for the Bahamas.

The airport is served by two different airlines: Sky Bahamas and Pineapple Air. Sky Bahamas offers two daily flights to Nassau, while Pineapple Air offers two daily flights to Marsh Harbour. The two airlines offer a variety of services, including passenger flights, cargo flights, and charter flights.

Great Harbour Cay Airport is a small but important part of the local community and the Caribbean region as a whole. It serves as an important link in the region, providing easy access to local destinations, as well as connecting travelers to larger international airports. It is also a great place to experience the beauty and culture of the Bahamas. The airport has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and is now a key part of the local economy.